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Mold Inspection & Testing Services

311678882 - Mold Inspection

If you are looking for mold inspection and testing services, Mold Neutralizers is your best bet. Our professional mold inspectors are certified by Ecology College, and visit your home/business to perform a thorough inspection to find any and all molds, including hidden ones, and leaks that cause mold growth. If any mold has been found, we evaluate and test it to determine what kind of mold it is and what the best course of action is.


Our inspectors use an infrared camera, Moisture Meter, and Fiber Optics to locate these issues. To ensure thorough and correct testing, Mold Neutralizers uses an objective testing method through an independent laboratory, accredited by the health department, to determine if the molds are toxic or not and how severe is the infestation. What that entails is a Microbial Inspection Report and LAB REPORT. Turnaround is usually 3 days. 

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