Cigarette/tobacco, fire/soot, animal, and stale odors are one of the hardest to eliminate, but we can. You see these odors attached to the walls, ceilings, furniture, appliances, clothes, and basically everything. Scrubbing, deodorizing, etc., quite often does not eliminate offensive odors. There is only one way to get rid of these foul odors in your house permanently. That is to sterilize it. Odors causing bacteria, viruses, nicotine, and soot have atoms. The only way to destroy these atoms is by oxidation. In so doing, that auxiliary atom of oxygen is consumed and there is nothing bacteria, viruses, nicotine, and additional atom, just oxygen, which mean clean air. It’s rare that we have to replace carpets or any stuff to eliminate odors unless it’s been damaged. It comes with a limited warranty.

MOLD NEUTRALIZERS specialized in mold inspection, remediation and odor removal services in Phoenix, Tucson, Arizona, and Orange County, California.  If you are looking for odor removal in Phoenix, Tucson, Arizona, and Orange County, California, MOLD NEUTRALIZERS is your company of choice.