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Information To Sellers and Realtors On How To Prevent Mold Legal Problems On Sale Of Real Estate

 “Seller-undisclosed, but seller- known mold infestation problems, as well as unknown mold growth hidden inside heating/cooling ducts, ceilings, walls, floors, attics, and basements, often result in buyer lawsuits for undisclosed mold problems and frequently keep homes and commercial buildings from being sold,” inform Lee M, Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Environmental Hygienist of Mold Neutralizers.

First, a homeowner or building owner and realtors should not begin advertising the property for sale until after a thorough mold inspection and mold testing of the home, rental property, or commercial property by an expert and experienced mold inspection firm such as Mold Neutralizers (


Second, if the owner discovers visible or hidden mold problems, he/she should do safe and effective mold removal and remediation prior to offering the property for sale. Hire an expert mold remediation company such as Mold Neutralizers. Re-inspect and re-test the building after remediation before re-occupying the decontaminated building.
Third, the owner should avoid hiding or camouflaging mold problems by deceptions such as painting over mold growth; concealing mold growth behind stored items, furniture, furnishings, and decorations; and masking the distinctive smell of mold growth with air fresheners and deodorizers. The smell of mold is from the digestive gases from the mold eating the building materials.
Fourth and last, the seller should disclose in writing to all prospective buyers any previous or present building water and mold problems, and what the owner has done, if anything, to correct such problems. These water damage and mold disclosures should be attached to the real estate sales contract so that the buyer acknowledges receipt thereof.  It’s the LAW. 



Our real estate mold inspection starts at $400, which includes the testing for the mold. What that entails is a Microbial Inspection Report and LAB REPORT. (See our Mold Inspection and Testing page). Turn around is 3 days.

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